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    Governor Yuan Jiajun at Ansheng

    2020-02-21 09:53:20

    On February 20, Yuan Jiajun, the governor of Zhejiang Province,visited Zhejiang Ansheng Science & Technology Stock Co., Ltd. to investigate the epidemic prevention and control and resume production work. Chen Long, secretary of the CPC Jinhua Municipal Committee, Yin Xuequn, Mayor, Jin Zheng, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Secretary of the CPC Yongkang Municipal Committee, Zhang Qunhuan, Mayor,went with him.

    When he got off the bus, Governor Yuan was attracted by the Enterprise Epidemic Prevention Station at the gate. This is a special infrared temperature measuring device we bought for epidemic prevention and control. It can quickly and accurately measure body temperature with an error rate of ± 0.1 degrees. Lu, the Chairman of the company told Yuan. Yuan quipped that it was stricter than the provincial government's security checks.

    In the Ansheng exhibition hall, Yuan was interested in all kinds of thermos cups . He played with a square-looking thermos cup with a round Shell, which he said is "a perfect place" . Governor Yuan kept asking Lu , "How much was your annual output value last year? " "What are the main export markets for your enterprises? " Then Lu answered.

    And finally, governor Yuan asked: "will this epidemic affect your established objectives? " Lu replied confidently: "With the leadership of the Party and the support of the government, we are confident that we can fight this epidemic battle well, catch up on progress, catch up on orders, and recover the lost month! "
    Yongkang is the hometown of handicraft industry and a strong manufacturing city.  Aparting from investigating and inspecting the epidemic prevention and control work of the enterprises, Governor Yuan was particularly concerned about the resumption of work and production. Yuan stressed that while not slacking in the prevention and control of the epidemic and prevent the resurgence of the epidemic resolutely, we should look at "the rate of returning to work for enterprises, the rate of returning to production, and the rate of matching with the epidemic situation , " so as to push enterprises to return to work and production should be restored once and for all, to do a good job in "six stability" work,it is crucial to finish the annual goals and tasks.All of enterprises should take the initiative to prevent and control work,prepare for resumption of work ,try our best to restore the production. As soon as possible to restore the production capacity to normal levels, to minimize the impact of the epidemic.

    The functional units of local governments at all levels should think what the enterprises think and what the enterprises need urgently, take the initiative to help the enterprises get through the logistics chain as soon as possible, to ensure that the raw materials can transport in and the products can transport out;

    As soon as possible to open the supply chain, ,at the same time promote raw material suppliers, storage and transportation, retailers, capital flow to restore smooth and synchronized.

    As soon as possible to get through the industrial chain, speed up the recovery and upstream and downstream enterprises seamless docking, to release production capacity, orders do not lose , and market sharedoes not decline;

    As soon as possible to open the ecological chain, provinces, cities, government, banks and enterprises work together to deepen the "three services" activities, quantify and break down the policy of difficult labor, difficult capital, difficult industry coordination , to minimize the impact of the epidemic on enterprises.

    At the end of the research , Yuan chatted with two new employees of Ansheng who had benefited from the direct train from Zhenxiong to Yongkang, urging them to get on with their work, maintain the good habit of "wearing a mask, long distance, washing hands frequently, not gathering" , and admired the direct train from Zhenxiong to Yongkang, at the same time he encouraged: "Let us work together to ensure that" two-handed hard" "two wars  win"