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    Building the future with one heart, the Year of the Ox is more exciting

    2021-03-15 15:52:05

        At 8:30 a.m. on March 13, ZHEJIANG ANSHENG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY STOCK CO., LTD. held the “2020 advanced commendation and 2021 mobilization meeting”. After nearly 90 team leaders went to Jianfeng for training in two batches and new employees recruited during the Spring Festival are basically on duty, this meeting is a special staff meeting of the company, which aims at commending the advanced employees, unifying the goal, inspiring, motivating the new and old employees, striving for progress and making progress.

        There were more than 2,200 employees participated in the meeting, which was the largest staff meeting since the establishment of the company. The meeting was well-disciplined and the atmosphere was serious and solemn; the employees entered and exited the venue neatly, orderly, and quickly, which fully reflects the continuous improvement of the organization and discipline of Ansheng family members.

         The first agenda of the meeting was addressed by Lyu Zhengjian, Chairman of Ansheng. Mr. Lu first thanked all the employees for their hard work in the past year. It is the joint efforts of everyone. We are the first to resume work and production in the city and even other enterprises in the province. This was highly praised by Yuan Jiajun, the governor of Zhejiang Province. In the context of a double-digit decline in the entire vacuum flask industry throughout the year, we still bucked thea trend and increased by 15%, and basically achieved our annual business goals. This process and results fully embodies the spirit of perseverance and perseverance of Ansheng people, as well as their pragmatic, innovative, and committed work attitude

         Secondly, Mr. Lyu shared the specific content and interpretation of the corporate culture, emphasizing the key work plan to be carried out around the vision of "providing a platform for the strugglers", and said that the company has the obligation to be more capable of providing a platform for the strugglers, to support and encourage strugglers to exert their talents on a broader stage. I hope you can seize this hard-won development opportunity, arm yourself with advanced manufacturing concepts, adapt to or even understand modern manufacturing ideas ahead of time, and realize your own life value while becoming an industry benchmark with Ansheng.

       Finally, Mr. Lyu stated that our order quantity is sufficient this year, everyone should work hard. Give full play to the spirit of unity, cooperation, and courage to take responsibility, think in one heart, and act hard in one place to generate execution and form combat effectiveness.

         The second agenda of the meeting, Executive Vice President Xu Weiguang announced the "Decision on Recognizing Advanced Groups and Individuals in 2020", followed by the 2020 Advanced Award Ceremony; at the meeting, the company’s senior leaders and directors awarded certificates of honor and bonuses for representatives of advanced collectives and more than 100 advanced individuals.

         On the third agenda of the meeting, General Manager Tang Xiaohui gave a report on the mobilization of work. Mr. Tang first congratulated the advanced award-winning personnel and hoped that they would guard against arrogance and rashness, set an example, and encourage employees to follow the advanced standards and strive to be advanced. Secondly, Mr. Tang stated the purpose of the meeting, unifying the thoughts of all employees, laying out the situation, paving the way, clarifying the direction and goals, and drawing up good strategies and plans to gather stamina and strength for the healthy and orderly development of the company, and explained the key points for the healthy and orderly development of the company. Then, around the annual work, Mr. Tang deployed seven themes:


    1. Focus on culture and management, focus on goals, and share the fruits of labor;

    2. Strengthen development and market expansion, and provide professional, efficient and value-added services;

    3. Reduce costs and improve efficiency, reengineer processes, and continue to promote quality improvement;

    4. Strengthen on-site management, achieve strong plans, and promote lean management improvement;

    5. Increase human cost expenditures, improve the ability of grass-roots management cadres and consciousness transformation; 

    6. Accelerate industrial upgrading and transformation, improve the level and application of intelligent manufacturing;

    7. Strengthen safety management, ensure safe production, and enhance all employees' awareness of safe production.

      On the fourth agenda of the meeting, Wang Ju, vice president of production, presided over the launch ceremony of the TWI team construction and improvement project. Firstly, he clarified the importance of the team construction project and the company's emphasis on this project, requiring the team leader to play a core role to promote the development of the project, and announced the 2021 team construction project goal. Then, all the teams lined up, and Mr. Wang led the oath. The on-site team was neat and orderly, high-spirited, and vigorous. They shouted together: "Loyal to Ansheng, dedication and responsibility; hard work, enterprising, collaborative and efficient; honest, diligence, and courage to take responsibility; Learn with

    an open mind and strive for perfection; lead the team to strive for success."