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    Lean expansion and continuous improvement

    2021-06-17 08:16:08

       At 10: 30 a. m. on June 3rd, ZHEJIANG ANSHENG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY STOCK CO., LTD. held the grand “2021 Lean Innovation Project Launch Meeting”. Senior executives, consulting agencies, project group members and important backbone of the company participated in the meeting.

       The company's Lean Innovation Project is carried out in four stages: perception, implementation, growth and maturity. In 2019, we began to introduce Lean Innovation Project. After nearly two years of pilot implementation, all the employees have had a preliminary understanding of lean innovation, and the stage of lean perception has been over. The convening of this meeting indicates that the Lean Innovation Project of Ansheng officially entered the stage of quality promotion and expansion in 2021.

    The meeting began with a report on the implementation of the Lean Innovation Project by the director of the Lean Department--Sun Jing, elaborated the lean strategic system model and lean promotion stage planning of Ansheng. Objective to build Ansheng's own lean implementation system, and build the lean talent training and export mechanism while in the continuous optimization of production management. In order to better implement the work of the 2021 lean project and ensure the orderly progress of the project, clarified the project module, project objectives, organizational structure, implementation plan and incentive mechanism, and we appealed to everyone to actively participate in the lean project.

        At the meeting, Chen Donghang, the leader of the Lean Innovation Department of Vacuum Vessel, recied the top ten principles of lean improvement. Minister Chen is also the person in charge of the pilot workshop for the first introduction of lean projects. It is precisely because of this that he feels more about lean. He said that lean implementation is the fastest and most effective way to improve the problems of high operating costs, large inventory, and long production cycles. Based on the accumulation of lean knowledge last year, this year everyone cooperates, emancipates the mind, breaks the inherent concepts, and continues to grow in practice, with enthusiasm and wisdom, to change and improve, and to deliver a satisfactory answer to the implementation of lean.

       Finally, Justin Tang, general manager of Ansheng,made a concluding speech. General Tang first clarified the necessity of implementing lean. It is the requirement of the market environment development trend and is in line with the development needs of our company’s strategy, corporate culture, and business policy. Remove the company from the traditional production model and create greater value for the company through lean innovation.

    Then, Justin Tang raised requirements for lean work:

    First, the lean office and the project implementation team are required to combine the annual goals and the implementation plan, decompose the stage goals, strengthen the target awareness, special follow up, timely inspection, to ensure that the project does not deviate from the direction, and successfully achieve the goals.

    Second, it is necessary to establish personnel evaluation standards, and set up a promotion and elimination mechanism. To increase rewards for excellent project teams and high submersible personnel, to form a working spirit and organizational atmosphere of hard work, enterprising, collaborative and efficient, and seeking excellence. At the same time, the training of lean theoretical knowledge courses and lean ideological indoctrination should be strengthened.

    Third, establish a meeting mechanism for regular high-level communication and consultation institutions and regular summary and report of lean projects. The lean project team personnel are required to highly cooperate and actively carry out the project work, and the senior level will also give high support to the project. At the same time, it is hoped that the consulting agencies will mobilize the maximum resources to help Ansheng lean improvement work, achieve the project objectives, and recommend the personnel appointment and elimination mechanism to Ansheng.

    Lean innovation is a platform for talent training and export, and an important channel for personal promotion and value embodiment. Looking forward to your joining and promote improvement together