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    Yin Xuequn's Science and Technology Research in AS

    2020-02-29 11:48:38

    Recently, Jinhua Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Yin Xuequn came to Ansheng science and technology research to guide the prevention and control of the epidemic and resume work. Yongkang City Vice Mayor Lu Qunyong accompanied.

    Mayor Yin fully affirmed the early reaction, great investment and meticulous management of Ansheng Science and Technology in the work of epidemic prevention and control.
    Mayor Yin told Chairman Lu Zhengjian that the current enterprises have resumed work, the return passenger flow has gradually increased, the epidemic prevention and control is still in the most critical stage, we must resolutely overcome paralysis of thought, fluke mentality, relaxed mentality, always remain calm and sober, continue to do not relax and grasp the fine epidemic prevention and control work, never win the victory will not be lightly successful.
    It is necessary to take "external prevention and input" and restore the order of production and life in an all-round way as the top priority at present, grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic situation on the one hand, resume work and resume production on the other, resolutely fight the war of prevention and control of the epidemic situation and the war of enterprise resumption and development, and ensure that "both hands must be hard and both wars must win ".

    Mayor Yin visited the workshop of Ansheng Technology with interest and put forward higher requirements for the transformation and upgrading of enterprise automation:The transformation and upgrading of traditional industries is a systematic and grand strategic plan. As entrepreneurs, we must have a long-term vision and solid planning. Mayor Yin encouraged Chairman to boost confidence, firm determination to develop, and strive to be the leading enterprise in the industry.

    At the end of the research, Mayor Yin met with the company's chartered employees to ask them about their work and life, and told Ansheng's new employees to wash their hands, wear masks, do not pile up, and work well at the same time.