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    Category Standard name Participation in formulation
    National Standard Gbt29606-2013 stainless steel vacuum cup participate in
    Light industry standards QB / t5285-2018 stainless steel vacuum pressure kettle participate in
    Group standards “Made in Zhejiang" group standard t zzb 0259-2017 stainless steel vacuum pressure kettle participate in
    National standard General safety technical requirements for cups and kettles participate in
    Name of association / unit Position
    China Light Industry Federation Member Unit
    China Sundry Articles Industry Association - Cup and Pot Branch Vice President
    Food and kitchen branch of China Light Industry Chamber of Commerce Member Unit
    Jinhua / Yongkang Entrepreneur Federation Member Unit
    Yongkang Entrepreneur Association Member Unit

    The development of Zhejiang Ansheng Technology Stock Co., Ltd. can be traced back to 1986. For more than 30 years, we have focused on the research & development, manufacture, sales and service of stainless-steel vacuum insulated drinkware and container. We have the annual production capacity of over 30 million units, over 30 product production lines, over 98% production process is compledted in-house, and now our products can be found on the shelves in over 50 countries and regions.


    We have three business departments, manufacturing content covers drinkware, kettle, special-shaped stainless-steel container and various plastic product accessories. From our successful development of the first stainless steel double-layer vacuum insulated cup in China back in 1994, which triggered the famous "vacuum insulated cup boom", to the well-known high-tech enterprises in China and abroad, with the complete product manufacturing and supplying industry chain, the quality of Ansheng products are more controllable and stable. Our chairman is the vice president of China Drinkware & Kettle Association, and participated in drafting China Drinkware and Kettle Industrial standard.


    Adhering to the business philosophy of "All for customer, All for innovation", the company has built a high-quality and high efficient execution Research & Development force and Sales team, and set up design research institutes and sales service centers in Japan and Shanghai respectively; fully integrating the internationalization strategy into the enterprise development gene, creating a first-class enterprise and creating an international brand" is our unremitting pursuit.


    In terms of manufacturing capacity, the company comprehensively promotes intelligent manufacturing, integrates forces to build a highly automated and information-based "digital plant", realizes the three major needs of the manufacturing industry of "improving production efficiency, shortening product cycle, and rapidly responding to the market", and plans layout in the industrial transformation led by digitalization.


    Ansheng follows the core values of "honesty, trustworthiness and win-win cooperation". With impeccable industry qualification and the design concept of pursuing excellence, Ansheng is committed to creating a new water drinking experience of green, healthy, energy-saving and environment friendly high-quality for our consumers. This is the product value of the vacuum insulated drinkware and the ultimate vision of all our Ansheng people.

    98 %

    Independent production


    7+ years of industry focus



    More than 30 production lines



    Reaching countries

    Department of Vacuum Container

    Department of Vacuum Container:  Based on tube forming technology, it mainly produces vacuum drinkware products. The main production lines includes: 12 metalworking-welding one-flow production lines; 2 automatic spray painting lines, 2 powder coating lines, 1 Interior spraying line, 3 disc spray painting lines, 8 packaging lines, and 7 lean production lines.
    The department of vacuum container, it follows the "small batch and diversification" production mode. At present,  over 300 different type of products manufacture in this  department, approx. over 100 products are newly developed every year. The annual capacity is approx. 18 million units. 

    Department of Special Container

    Department of Special Container: Based on the stainless-steel deep drawing forming process, it mainly produces super large volume containers, special irregular shaped stainless steel products with high-quality, high technical and high-added-value.

    The department has one "Metalworking welding" highly integrated production line, six automatic deep drawing lines, two automatic polishing lines and one automatic powder coating line. This is the most complete automation and information department among the three. Adhering to the craftsman spirit of "precision production and lean manufacturing", the special container department has achieved an annual production of 12 million high-quality profiled stainless-steel products.

    Department of Plastic Injection

    Department of Plastic Injection: it produces high-quality plastic accessories for our products, which is an important supplement to our industrial structure.
    The department includes injection molding workshop, mold workshop and assembly workshop. The injection workshop is a standardized dust-free workshop, which passed the SC food production license certification in 2019. At present, there are over 75 injection molding machines and 5 assembly lines, with an average daily output of 70,000 units, and total employees over 230.  By the end of 2021, we should have over 100 injection molding to server our customers. In earlier of 2020, we have introduced MES system, in order to improve the production efficiency, life management and tracking of molds, data collection and management 

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